Sunday, February 7, 2010

J Dilla - Old Dounut

Since today is the late great James "J Dilla" Yauncy aka Jay Dee. I decided to share with this outtake album from the "Dohnuts" era. These were outtakes that didn't make it to the album. Since, It's his birthday today I wanted to do a special tribute in his memory.... so check it out.

1.Get at me
2.The 80's
3.Dee Zee
4.Play it loud
7.In the park
8.One Two
9.This is it
10.Don't say a Word
12.Here We Come
14.In The Spot
15.MC Squared
16.U Niggaz Ain't
18.Say it Big
20.U and Ur smile
21.2 morrow

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Nicolay - Here

Here (Intro)
I Love The Way You Love Feat. Darien Brockington
I Am The Man Feat. Black Spade
Give Her Everything
What It Used To Be Feat. Wiz Khalifa
Good Days Are Gone Feat. Black Spade
Let It Shine For Me
The End is Near Feat. Black Spade
Adore Feat. YahZarah
Here (Outro)
My Story Feat. Kay and Sy Smith
Music is the universal language that comes in different forms and for centuries has brought people together from all walks of life. The producer’s role is crucial in the creation of the music process, with the responsibilities of building the foundation and direction of any masterpiece. In this era of the producer rising to the forefront, Nicolay is making serious international headway. ...more info

long info:
Music is the universal language that comes in different forms and for centuries has brought people together from all walks of life. The producer’s role is crucial in the creation of the music process, with the responsibilities of building the foundation and direction of any masterpiece. In this era of the producer rising to the forefront, Nicolay is making serious international headway.

Born and raised in The Netherlands, Europe, Nicolay's passion for music has dominated his life for as long as he can remember. He was brought up with equal parts of Stevie Wonder and Neil Young, and as a youth, most of his days were spent listening to whatever music he could get his hands on. Nicolay’s early love for classical music drove him to seek a formal music education. A true multi-instrumentalist, Nicolay is proficient in playing piano and keyboards, guitar, bass and drums. Nicolay’s diverse understanding of music led him to play in several Hip-Hop and R&B bands, opening up for artists such as K-Ci & JoJo, Boyz II Men, MC Lyte and many others.

After being a live musician and bandleader for nearly a decade, Nicolay started producing in 2000, and shortly thereafter, came across Phonte Coleman of Little Brother through the Okayplayer message boards. The two soon began trading tracks and rhymes back and forth over instant messenger, which in turn created the b-side single for Little Brother's critically acclaimed 2003 album The Listening, titled 'Light It Up'. At the time, neither of them suspected that they were actually laying the foundation for what would become one of the most cohesive and innovative albums of 2004. Together they called themselves The Foreign Exchange, and appropriately titled the project 'Connected'.

In 2006, Nicolay has found himself busier than ever. Facing forward and preparing to leave his homeland, Nicolay presents his long anticipated debut album, 'Here'(June 2006) which creates a harmonious blend of goodbye and hello. Gearing up for his future move to the States, Nicolay takes this album on a musical journey; while traveling through St. Louis alongside Black Spade, to Pittsburgh via Wiz Khalifa, a stop in North Carolina, Darien Brockington & YahZarah from the Foreign Exchange, right on down to Texas with Kay of The Foundation, and straight on through to L.A. with Sy Smith. Already destined to be a future classic, 'Here' is overflowing in great artistry and musicianship, songs and production. When looking for the music that creates a familiar place, or maybe even just a song that harmonizes your life in one single solitary chorus, you can make your final stop here, with Nicolay.

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Nicolay - Time:Line

Hip-Hop duo Nicolay (Producer of The Foreign Exchange) and MC Kay Jackson have created a brilliantly cohesive hip-hop album resembling the likes of Little Brother, Strange Fruit Project, J-Live, and Foreign Exchange. If you like real good hip-hop, don't sleep on this one.

01 01:56 Time Line
02 03:57 Blizzard
03 03:54 The Lights
04 05:48 Through The Wind
05 03:36 What We Live
06 03:51 Ive Seen Rivers
07 04:28 Tight Eyes
08 03:05 As The Wheel Turns
09 03:40 The Gunshot
10 03:10 Grand Theft Auto
11 04:06 When You Die
12 05:52 Dancing With The Stars

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

The wonderful words of wisdom experience! :-)

This past monday 9/21. Me, My best friend Derek and The Naturally Alise had went out to The Mansion 462 for the Words of Wisdom event in Chapel Hill, NC. It was a fun laid back environment and I talked my friend Derek into getting on stage to do a piece for the poets. It was fun Check it out!!!!


Alise (This Girl ripped the Mic!)

Last but not least the one and only Vespertine (Yay Me!)

Poem: Overound (Inspired by Op Swamp 81)

So far, this is a rough draft...i'm still working on this piece for my next performance but this is what i've gotten so far

I'm on again
Same shit different day
Thoughts of mine
Wants it gone away
Each year i've been repeating myself
Asking for help
To cope with this delph
I'm in need of wisdom to come through
To bring me the cool
Cause you see I'm on the overound
Overounded by this tool that causes a glitch in my switch
And i daydream in wonderland, thinking how did it get like this?
I've been succeeding in false state of being across from believing...
of licking my wombs
To assume the April showers
are coming in my June
Then it's back to where it starts
Chronically apart from where i'm trying to finish

Trying to pin this down
But the sinking is flying by the pound
And I sit and wonder with a frown
Why my words aren't coming with the sound?
But they say that life isn't a straight stear
And sometimes you go fast in life, to where you'll crash
And we wonder who will be the first to go!

We look for advertises that will
Sound sweet as the violin, but sour as the lemon-tart
but that's not the thought that I'm not trying to creep in!
I want to creep is that life is not a promising thing
Life! is a one man band
No! Life...
is a one chance thing that we all have to live with...

Listen to the track that inspired this piece called "Overound" HERE

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Aaliyah Revisited (Soul Tribute EP)

Okay Okay Okay!!! I'm a little late for this, but this particular album had caught my attention. This morning, over the past two days I've been getting tweets saying that it's dope. This album is a tribute to the late Aaliyah, also have appearances by Sy Smith, Marsha Ambrosious, Afta-1 & More. I have two words for this musical piece Soulful & Classy! If you want to download this album you download it here We miss you Aaliyah


1. If Your Girl Only Knew (Syberized) – produced & performed by Sy Smith
(Recorded & Engineered by: Grant Nicholas at Rumbo Studio C, Winnetka, CA)

2. Are You That Somebody - performed by Tawiah, produced by Jodi Milliner

3. I Care 4 U – produced & performed by Jesse Boykins III

4. It’s Whatever – produced by Black Einstein ft. Baby Sol

5. A Million Preludes – performed by Marsha Ambrosius

6. One In A Million - performed by Jonas

7. Rock The Boat - performed by Vula, produced by Jodi Milliner

8. ESP (A 4 Page Suite) – produced by AFTA-1 ft. Nikko Gray

Diamond District Profound By Oddisee

In The Ruff is the highly anticipated debut album from new DC hip hop
group “The Diamond District”, created by state veterans Oddisee, X.O.
& YU. In The Ruff is the answer for any lover of hip hop who asks the
question - “Where did that grimy East coast sound go?”

The group was founded by rapper/ producer Oddisee, who has a long list
of production & collaboration credits with the likes of Freeway, Talib
Kweli, Siagon, Little Brother, Trek Life, Charles Hamilton, Jazzy Jeff, Buck
Shot, Royce the 5′9”, Nikki jean, Muhsinah, J-live, Lil Fame of MOP,
Skyzoo and many more. Oddisee’s soulful, haunting samples over bass-
heavy beat breaks create the perfect instrumentals for him, XO & YU to
match with their street savvy, politically conscious lyrics.

“The ware wolves wear wool suits, be ware of them…”

In The Ruff is a raw mid-90’s Boom-Bap themed album for the DC state of
mind, destined to appeal to all lovers of hip hop’s golden era, managing to
travel back in time and push the boundaries of DC Hip-Hop

(Personally this album is Dope. This is what the hip-hop community is missing now in dayz.) To download this album
Click Here
Or Here

00 Intro
01 Streets Wont Let Me Chill
02 Who I Be
03 Back To Basics
04 I Mean Business
05 Get In Line
06 In The Ruff
07 The Shining (Produced by Dunc)
08 The District
09 Make It Clear
10 Off The Late Night (Produced by Slim kat 78)
11 Let Me Explain
12 First Time